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British Science Week with The Plastic Tide

Join The Plastic Tide and The British Science Association for a scientific extravaganza of science for people of all ages and backgrounds!

British Science Week is a ten-day national celebration of the best of British science, technology, engineering and maths – featuring fascinating, entertaining and engaging events across the UK. Each year thousands of events are held in locations across the country, including local libraries, schools, museums and galleries.

British Science Week isn’t just about events - there are lots of ways to get involved! In 2018, British Science Week have partnered up with the Zooniverse citizen science project, The Plastic Tide, with the aim of achieving over 250,000 observations during the Week, and anyone can take part without even having to leave their home. There are also a range of activity packs available for download from the website to help inspire young people to explore the science of the world around them. Plus, we’ve developed a running app that blends fitness with the deep seas, called Run to the Deep.

To plan, pledge or attend an event or take part in one of our other activities, please visit:

Let's get our lab coats on!