Hi and welcome to The Plastic Tide blog! 

Join us here as we regularly blog on our 3,500 mile journey, surveying and cleaning beaches all around the UK in our mission to create a Vision from the Skies to help stem the plastic tide.  Our vision is realised by the creation of an automated way of detecting, measuring and monitoring marine litter and plastic. Here is a short video explain things in a little more detail:

We launch tomorrow! Saturday April 1st, and we are really excited about what we can achieve with your help!

So if you’d like get involved in turning the tide of plastics, come down for a beach clean,  tag online on our Zooniverse page (to be launched 26th April), or pledge a donation on our crowd funding page.

Check out our facebook page www.Facebook.com/ThePlasticTide to join one of the beach cleans and share it with friends and family! 

The beach cleans can be revised at short notice due our fabulous weather, so be sure to like our facebook page, add us on twitter or visit our Mission Control page on our website for updates!

Twitter: @ThePlasticTide

Website: www.ThePlasticTide.com/MissionControl!

Remember, one plastic bottle picked up from the beach can potentially remove tens of thousands of pieces of microplastics from our oceans (and your dinner plate)!

See you on the beaches!

The Plastic Tide team