The surging tide of citizen science; Milestones reached and next steps!

In just 6 short months we are now a few thousand tags away from our first citizen science milestone; 50% or 90,000 of the 160,000 drone survey images completed!


We’ve been overwhelmed with the ongoing effort of our amazing Zooniverse taggers! Reaching 1.4 million tags in such a short period of time, especially amazing considering each of the nearly 90,000 images are tagged by 15 different people!

The benefit of this data will be huge to training efforts for our Algorithm. To put it into context our prototype algorithm, completed in July, was trained to detect 25% of plastics successfully using around 450,000 tags that were available then.  We now have extra 1 million tags generated to this point, this will help boost the detection rate of up to our target 80%.  

Tagging Plastics (credit: Capturing Our Coast - South West)


Partnership with the British Science Week 2018!

We have seen the interest in The Plastic Tide citizen science tagging going from strength to strength! With our latest big announcement today; The Plastic Tide will be featured as the main citizen science project for the British Science Week (BSW) on 10-19th March 2018! 

British Science Week is a 10 day of celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering Maths (STEM) through events and activities to support and engage teachers, STEM professional, science communicators and the public to get involved with STEM subjects.

#BSW18 will be the focal point and 2nd milestone for our citizen science project here in the UK.  We have an ambitious target of 250,000 classifications over the week and we’re excited about working with the British Science Association on a number of ideas to boost tagging and interest!  

 “We’re thrilled that The Plastic Tide is this year’s citizen science partnership for British Science Week. The oceans are currently high on the agenda, with the recent release of Blue Planet II and the Great Ocean Clean up beginning next year, people are beginning to sit up and take notice of how crucial it is to take care of our precious marine worlds. We are positive that with the help of the public, we’ll surpass our target of 250,000 classifications, which will go a huge way to help achieving The Plastic Tide’s goals of cleaning up our seas”. Ivvet Modinou, Head of Engagement at the British Science Association, 30th October 2018

See how you, your, family, your school or your community can get involved here:

Stay tuned for further news and announcements on our exciting partnership with British Science Week…